Sasha Harris-Cronin
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Mirror Of Eye
The Rules
First Person
Mirror of Eye
Mirror Of Eye
An Interactive Video Sculpture

Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU, 2001
Artist's Television Access, 2003
Start Soma, 2004

There is a picture frame hanging in the corner of a room. A small, still image of an outdoor architectural detail is seen on the glass. The sound of traffic fills the room. As you approach the picture frame, the sound fades and the still image grows larger, crossfading with video of someone speaking. They look uncomfortably at the camera as they talk about their experiences with panhandlers. If you watch for too long, the video grinds to a halt, waiting for you to take action. As you back away, the image again cross-fades to a new still image. Intrigued, you come forward, and see a different piece of video.

With this project, I am trying to make the audience aware of the power that we unconsciously exercise when we ignore what we see: in this case, panhandlers. I am doing this by facing the audience with the overt reactions and discomfort of other passersby. The audience must stand uncomfortably close to the video in order to see the whole thing, The faces of the speakers are directly in front of them, speaking of an issue that we rarely discuss.