Sasha Harris-Cronin
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The Rules
The Rules
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The Rules

Wall Sculpture in Aluminum, Plexiglass, and Plywood, 4' x 8'
Interrupted Life: Incarcerated Mothers in the United States: A Traveling Public Art
Exhibition, 2006 - Present

The Rules was commissioned by Interrupted Life curator Rickie Solinger. It focuses on the rules governing childrens' visits to their incarcerated mothers. Each of the four panels focuses on a different set of rules taken directly from prison literature. They are:

- What documentation is required
- What can be brought
- What can be worn
- What kind of physical contact is allowed

The rules are invasive, contradictory, and difficult to follow. The words milled around the edge read: "Violation of any visiting rule outlined in this policy may result in the termination of the visit, disciplinary action against the inmate, and restriction of any future visiting privilege."

Interrupted Life has been travelling to universities and cultural centers around the United States since 2006.

Media coverage about The Rules and Interrupted life can be seen at New Hampshire Public Radio and AWEARNESS and the academic journal Meridians.