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Simnuke Art Exhibit
An Art Exhibition Commemorating 60 Years of the Atomic Bomb

Rx Gallery, 2005

The Simnuke Art Exhibit was part of the Simnuke Project, a Nuclear Simulation in the desert on the precise anniversary of "Trinity" -- the first atomic bomb detonation.

Over the last sixty years, people all over the world have struggled with the looming threat of nuclear arms. For the artists exhibiting in the Simnuke Art Exhibit, this struggle expresses itself through artwork that is both stunning and a searing indictment of the nuclear arms race.

The art of the Simnuke Art Exhibit was as diverse as San Francisco itself. The show, comprised 20 artists from the United States and Japan: 5 of them invited and 15 of them selected from submitted artworks. The exhibit pieces ranged from photography to kinetic sculpture, from humorous statements to deadly serious exposes. In addition, there was an exhibit of government documents from the Prelinger Library tracing the history of the atomic era in public policy.

Artists include:
Michael Light, Bryan Cole and Jeff Young, Robert Dohrmann, Joy Garnett, Aryana Farsai Roxborough, Elin Slavic, Jenne Giles, Mark Henson, Megan Prelinger, Richard Ross, Aaron Ximm, Yosuke Yamahata, Garret Izumi, , Yoshiko McFarland, Kerry Loewen, Tracy Jacobs, Carole Gallagher, Astrid Olafsen.