Sasha Harris-Cronin
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Sasha Harris-Cronin  

Sasha Harris-Cronin

Photo: Jonathan Ross

Current Employer: BBI Engineering, 2002-Present

MPS, Interactive Art and Technology, Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), NYU, 2002
BS, Theatre and English, Wesleyan University, 1997

If asked to choose my specialty, I would say that my primary expertise is in creating multimedia experiences for a public audience.

This means that I am a designer, programmer, artist, technologist, integrator, manager, and all-around outside-the-box thinker. I can make wireframes and write proposals. I can program embedded controllers and design book covers.

Currently, I work for BBI Engineering in San Francisco creating interactive exhibits for museums around the country since 2002. As Lead Creative Programmer, I specialize in exhibits that fall in the realm of "physical computing." These are exhibits that you push or pull, or that use your heart rate or take your photo. I have been everything from project manager to media producer to programmer or technology designer.

I also freelance as a graphic designer, working primarily on small print and logo materials.

When I have that illusory fantasy known as freetime, I am a multimedia artist who creates socially relevant art in a variety of mediums: some still, some time-line based, some presentational, and some interactive. My work usually contains strong elements of collage and reappropriation.