Sasha Harris-Cronin
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Under Foot
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Mirror of Eye
Politically Themed Art Exhibition

Co-Curator with Scott Kildall
Start Soma, 2004

This show was aimed for a crossover audience of both the politically minded and the technically oriented. What these two groups have in common is a general lack of understanding about the power of technologically-based art to effect change. We sought to bridge this gap, and to inspire more dialogue between the two.

Currently, political art often presents itself with a heavy-handedness and a lack of subtlety. This diminishes the power and credibility of statement behind the work. In times of increasing media and cultural complexity, more challenging, multi-layered political art is required. The audience should leave a show actively thinking, not feeling as if they have been hit over the head with the artist's viewpoint. Our goal with the Underfoot Art Exhibit was to create a show of works that are escape an overly didactic tone and instead challenge the thoughts and belief systems of the audience.

Artists include:
Sasha Harris-Cronin, Scott Kildall, Kaytea Petro, Sam Stoller, Max Carlson, Camron Assadi