Sasha Harris-Cronin
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First Person
The Rules
First Person
Mirror of Eye
First Person
Multi-channel Video Installation

Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU, 2002
Artist's Television Access, 2003
Studio Z, 2004
Start Soma, 2004

First Person is intended to be displayed in an electronics shop window. It is designed for an American consumer audience, raised on a diet of popular culture. Staring through their own reflection on the glass, passersby will see re-edited video content captured from movies, video games, and broadcast news. The footage, taken from real and imaginary wars, shows first person violence,. The video will play on multiple televisions, cameras, and computer screens. In addition, viewers will see their own images displayed on monitors.

I am utilizing another item in electronics store windows: the price tag. My installation will have price tags, too, but they will have quotes to emphasize and illustrate my hypothesis. The quotes are gathered from books, movies, news sources and theorists. They address the convergence of the media, its impact, and the role of the audience.